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Download country ringtones for free: The Winner Takes It All – ABBA

Country music is a traditional mix that is found popular in the United States and Canada. The origin of contemporary country music is traditional white folk music. Country music has become popular since the 1940s when the earlier hillbilly music genre was downplayed. Country music as well as country music was widely accepted in the 1970s.

However, another blend of ethnic groups in the southwestern United States created the music that became a folk song. The country ringtones for free used today describe many styles and subcategories for phones.
Speaking of country music, it would be flimsy if not to mention The Winner Takes It All, performed by ABBA.
he Winner Takes It All is the work of ABBA’s main duo, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson. But the main contribution and most important contribution was to Bjorn.


The song was written in 1980 under the title The Story Of My Life,but after that, Bjorn decided to change to The Winner Takes It All. The song was composed by Agnetha Falstkog, the group’s most beautiful vocalist.
This is sad song, very sad, tells the mood of a woman after divorce. In loneliness almost desperate, the woman remembers the beautiful days when “I used to wrap myself in your warm arms / Once thought that is where I belong forever / That means to you how is it around you as a protective barrier “now that” all is just the past “when the marriage broke down.

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Wish you have your favorite ringtone as well as a new good day!

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